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Project ID Title Priority Status Start Date Planned Finish Probable Finish % Complete Tasks Milestone Documents Project Documents Feedback
DEV04-005 CVS Capacity Monitoring Normal On Time 02/01/04 06/06/04 11/06/04 50 2 0 0 0
DEV04-003 CVS Online Accounts Management Normal On Time 01/03/04 12/12/04 12/15/04 50 2 0 0 0
DEV04-004 Yanky eMortgage Upgrade Normal On Time 03/01/04 11/26/04 11/06/04 75 3 0 2 0
DEV04-002 Yellow Port Branch Merger Normal On Time 15/02/05 12/12/05 12/12/05 50 2 0 0 0
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